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v January 2022: Diminished Adolescent Social Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic. California Association of School Psychologists Wisdom Conference

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Researchers at Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development in partnership with Medway Public Schools.

Contact: Dr. Jennifer Greif Green, Boston University,

v October 2022: Strengths-Based Screening and Psychoeducational Assessment  SEHS and SEDS Overview. California Association of School Psychologists.

v February 2023: Slovakia, Panreuropean University Positive Psychology Conference, California's Brief Wellness Screening. (video) (HPPIS3e, Chapter 5)

v October 2022: Boredom: Data-informed Practical Implications for Educators.

California Department of Education and WestEd. (Webinar video and Resources)

v May 2023: Perspectives on Student Mental Well-Being: Life Satisfaction Data from the California Healthy Kids Survey. California Department of Education and WestEd.   (Webinar video and Resources)

July 6, 2023: International School Psychology Association, Bologna, Italy

v     Norming the Brief Multidimensional Life Satisfaction Scale for School-wide Wellness Screening in the Dual-Factor Mental Health Model

     Slides of Oral Presentation in Bologna

     Brief Social Emotional Distress Validation Paper (journal article)

     Dual-Factor Model for Universal School-Based Mental Health Screening (book chapter)

     Student Wellbeing: Life Satisfaction California Healthy Kids Survey (clinical resource)

     Pre-recorded presentation with extended information not presented at the conference

v     Diminished Adolescent Social Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic


     Slides from ISPA Oral Talk

     Full manuscript with completed study rationale, method, results, and discussion

     Prerecorded presentation