University of California Santa Barbara

Project Covitality

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

Erin Dowdy, PhD

Michael Furlong, PhD

Karen Nylund-Gibson, PhD

Adapted and used in 20+ countries

Research Partners

UCSB's Project Covitality values and has benefitted from colleagues who have incorporated the Covitality framework into their research and applied educational and clincial practice.

The Social and Emotional Health Surveys and related measures have been used by researchers, educators, and clinicians in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, China, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Greece, Iran, Turkey, Italy, Slovakia, Lithuania, Netherlands, England, and Scotland.

Contact Information for Coordinated Covitality Research Activities     


Tom Hanson, Senior Managing Director, California Healthy Kids Survey


Peter Boman, Australian College of Applied Psych,


Cixin Wang, University of Maryland,

Chunyan Yang, University of California Berkeley,


Eui Kim, University of California Riverside,

Sukkyung You, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies,


Junko Lida, University of Tsukuba,

Ayako Ito, Seigakuin University,


Jorge Varela, Universidad del Desarollo,

Spain Proyecto Covitalidad,

José Antonio Piqueras Rodríguez, Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche

Juan Carlos Marzo Campos, Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche


Gökmen Arslan, Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy,

Bülent Baki TELEF,


Eva Gajdošová, Paneuropean University,

Netherlands (Covitaal)

Michaël, von Bönninghausen,