Resources for Fostering Belief in Others

Watch, Care, Respond


International Belonging Research Labratory

School Belonging Assessment and Intervention Resources

Family Support is the feeling of family togetherness and encouragement

Positive Family and Community Relationships

Emotion Coaching: One of the Most Important Parenting Practices in the History of the Universe

150 Days of Family Engagement Activities

Helping Your Child Succeed in School

10 Ideas for Engaging Parents

Parents Need to Learn: Five Ways to Engage Parents in Student Learning

Peer Support refers to the different friendships and bonds that students have. This support system helps students improve their interpersonal skills, sensitivity, and understanding. Peer support greatly affects students’ cognitive and social development and psychological adjustment.

Peer Support Worksheets and Resources (Teachers Pay Teachers)

Postive Peer Relationships

When Teens Need Their Friends More Than Their Parents

Teens Overestimate the Bad Behavior of Peers

Four Ways Music Strengthens Social Bonds

Four Ways Social Support Makes You More Resilient

Peers Supporting an Inclusive School Climate

In-School Clubs

Research Says / For Positive Behavior, Involve Peers

School Support is how much students think their teachers care about their academic success.

Teachers' Self-Care Worksheets and Resources (Teachers Pay Teachers)

Using High Expectations to Boost Students' Sense of Belonging

Every Student Matters: Cultivating Belonging in the Classroom

What are the Best Ways to Prevent Bullying in Schools

Welcoming Schools Project

Building Strong Student-Teacher Relationships in the Classroom

Boosting School Belonging: Practical Strategies to Help Adolescents Feel that they Belong at School

How Teachers Can Help Immigrant Kids Feel Safe

Four Ways Teachers Can Show They Care

Four Ways Teachers Can Reduce Implicit Bias

Student-Teacher Relationships: The Overlooked Ingredient for Success

Simple Steps to Improve School Connectedness

School Connectedness: Strategies for Increasing Protective Factors

Fostering School Connectedness: Information for Administrators

Beyond Icebreakers: Building Student Connectedness

Mindset and Connectedness: Keys to a Good Life for Adolescents

Universal, Tier 1, wellness screening informs school-site care teams about its students' mental wellness... AND... very importantly, it provides information about ALL students' life satisfaction and emotional wellbeing... which, in turn, provides guidance about needed prevention and intervention services. This section offers information for school-site care coordination teams as they care for children.

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