General School Student Mental Wellness  Resources

Watch, Care, Respond


link  • Example Comprehensive District Mental Wellness Efforts: Baldwin Park (California) Unified School District.

link  • Example Comprehensive Social and Emotional Screening and Services: Laguna Beach (California) Unified School District

link  • Each Mind Matters: California Mental Health Movement

link  • Bring Change to Mind: Let's Talk Mental Health

link  • California Endowment: Social Emotional Health

link  • California Department of Education: Mental Health Counseling Supports

link  • California Department of Education Project Cal-Well: A Guide to Increase Mental Health Services for Students

link  • National Alliance on Mental Health: Mental Health in Schools

link  • Children's Mental Health Network

link  • UCLA: School Mental Health Center

link  • University of Maryland: National Center for School Mental Health

link  • National Association of School Psychologist: School Based Mental Health Service: Improving Student Learning, Well-being

link  • Heard Alliance: Toolkit for Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention

link  • Mental Health Technology Transfer Center: (MHTTC disseminates evidence-based practices for mental disorders)

link  • Principals... National Association of Secondary School Principals  ... mental health and middle and high schools

Universal, Tier 1, wellness screening informs school-site care teams about its students' mental wellness... AND... very importantly, it provides information about ALL students' life satisfaction and emotional wellbeing... which, in turn, provides guidance about needed prevention and intervention services. This section offers information for school-site care coordination teams as they care for their children.

Here are some general resources that support fostering students' positive mental health and wellness.